The Invisible Boundary, 2015

This work creates spaces to find invisible boundaries between different perspectives through the mirror. I filmed the reflection of the mirror through the camera lens to enable another eye’s perspective.

The video presents myself from two perspectives: in the left frame in the video, I am wearing a flour make-up on my face and the right frame shows the mirror’s angle. I chose flour as a domestic product in western culture. Flour can be use to hide, cover and blur boundaries. I also placed flour on the mirror to reflect on the blurry vision of how people can be interpreted. I use this playful but serious idea to critique understanding difference and change. The installation presents the actual process I did in the video. And there is contrast of solid and flexible object. This is active work that the flour reflects the challengeable process as a symbol of change by natural situation in studio that presents the ordinary life.

I also play with the sound of homophone ‘flour and flower’ in other piece of work in the project. Flower is the cliché representative of female. The collaged and layered circle image of South and North Korean flowers create a shape of intersection in a way. I think the political tension between South and North Korea might have had persuasive power to shape my point of view and ideologies two countries in certain way. The work is open to interpretation.

© 2015 by Seyeon Park. 

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