Necessity refers to some kind of deficiency in the original subject, and it is the cause of the movement to overcome this deficiency. The general meaning of 'need' comes from this 'lack'. Kant's need as a predicate has two meanings.

The first is the lower need based on physical and emotional deficiency = 'emotional desire'. This desire, though inevitable, is a desire for inclination "associated with the tendency. But secondly, it is thought that the necessity of reason is the higher necessity of reason because of the essence and nature of reason. The need of reason is further divided into the need of the theoretical reason and the necessity of the practical reason.


Video work with rear projection

You can find the stairs everywhere around you. The implications of the stairs that face countless times a day, not to mention the beginning and end of the day, are indeed infinite. It is a collective of individual, collective, spiritual, and physical civilisation around human beings ranging from religious symbolism, political monumentality, social publicness, economic desire, psychological delicacy, physiological physicality. The meaning of the staircase is essentially ascending. The stairs make it possible to stimulate human vertical desires. The staircase is an icon symbolising political power and a religious way to the sky. The staircase also appears in the parable of life. In Edward Mendelson 's Seven Stairs of Life, he described seven stages of birth, childhood, growth, marriage, love, parents, and the future. The artistic curves of the staircase can even lead to voyeuristic curiosity with the addition of hidden visual elements. I use the various image of stairwell and stair and imaginary picture in the video work to create what I feel about meaning of the stairs in many ways visually. And I use holographic Rear projection film in dark room as much as a Camera Obscura to create a space or non-space and use the reflection of the stair.


Video work

The dual interpretation of man is an interpretation that explains man in two units: mind / reason / soul and body opposing it. We regard the human essence as spirit / reason / soul, and divide the body into the prison of the soul, the Platonic thought, the reality that thinks of man and the extension reality of body, Cartesian thinking is among metaphysical interpretations of metaphysical view of reason. Nietzsche defines all interpretations that divide human beings into two units, either the body center or the center of reason, as a metaphysical view of human beings and misinterpretation of human beings. The strategic concept chosen by Charlatstra to overcome these interpretations is the ‘body'. Artist use the water and air bubbles like flow of concept of body to explain of what is fundamentals for life. In conceptual and minimal images creates abstract portrait of body.

© 2015 by Seyeon Park. 

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