“Certainty” is one of my big project title and subject I study and experiment.

According to Kant, we are convinced that it is an error, as long as we recognise that a single perception is impossible.

This degree of certainty depends on being satisfactory in the token of the necessity of truth when it is objectively grasped, but as long as it is subjectively examined, the certainty is greater as long as the perception of this inevitable involves more intuition. Kant always examines the concept of certainty against mathematics and philosophy. In the criticism of the previous critique, the difference between the certainties of the two studies is understood from the difference of justice. The philosophical certainty is discursive and the mathematical certainty is intuitive. And the latter is brighter than the former. Complete certainty is "universality and inevitability".

In this context, it is synonymous with the words that we often see, and the words that seem as we see them, or that they seem as we know them. The meaning of the words means that everyone's view is subjective and that the visual information you see and the nature of the thing may eventually be different.

The artist uses aesthetic visual language, sound, and performance in various ways to send the artist's message through the essence and concept of the artist's view and the work that you can detect behind it.

I collect all my idea from everywhere; it could be my personal happening or political national and global issue. I want to keep this stance as an artist and human. Also, I would like to experiment all the way to express my thought with every artistic skill.

I am interested in and concerned about world and issues for everything that I take attention for the work such as art, history, philosophy, humanity, music, films, news, technology and so on. Also, I think that all result definitely has any point of the cause by order.

Currently, I consider why the war(complication) has occurred like the Second World War, post-war, a dialectic theory like how politics has influenced art.


MA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK 2019-Current

BA Fine art: Print and Time-Based Media, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London, UK 2015-2019

Foundation International Art and Design, University for Creative Art, UK 2015

BA Photographic Art, Kaywon University of Art and Design, South Korea 2004-2007

Born in 1985, Seoul, South Korea


Exhibitions and Awards

2001 Won the Award of photography competition held by Hyundai and Seoul city hall in Korea. 

2003 Won the Award of photography competition held by Yeojoo university in South Korea. 

2006 Exhibited the group photography graduation exhibition in South Korea. 

2015 Exhibited the group graduation exhibition in Farnham, UK.

2016 Won the best portfolio award held by Onbit documentary photography workshop in South Korea. 

2017 Collaborated Artist Richard Layzell for Exhibition called “ KOREA TOWN” at Wimbledon Space, 

2018 Exhibited the group exhibition called “Visible Light” at Laumt in South Korea. 

2018 Exhibited the group exhibition by 4482 called “Butterfly effect” at Barge house, Oxo tower in London, UK.

2019 Exhibited the solo exhibition called “ Certainty” at Photographer’s Gallery Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

2019 Exhibit the Group exhibition by 4482 Called “The other side of Moon” at Barge house, Oxo tower in London, UK.

© 2015 by Seyeon Park. 

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